My Philosophy

blackandwhiteRene Descartes, the French Philosopher noted as the Father of Philosophy, wrote, “Je pense donc je suis,” which was later written in Latin: “cogito ergo sum.”  This is a statement that we hear all of the time–“I think, therefore, I am.” 

Because we are thinkers, we exist! My own philosophy extends this quote by saying, “how we think and what we think about develops our minds and the world around us.” I must admit that this is not all my thinking as it was derived from the book of Proverbs which says, “for as he thinks within himself, so is he.” (Proverbs 24.7, NAS)

What is in your mind? What emotions are the direct result of the thoughts that you entertain day in and day out? Can you pinpoint the statements that you rehearse about yourself and your situation? Would you believe that if you were to change your thoughts, everything in your life will ultimately change as well?

This is the premise of |This Life| This site/blog is more or less a collection of thoughts and lessons derived from the life and interaction of its author. 


Unlike any other process, the changing of ones mind can reap drastic changes in vision/outlook, health, and lifestyle.

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