Four Ways to Remain Motivated

We have big dreams, huge goals, and vivid visions that motivate us, keep us up at night and often cause us to daydream and doodle about possibilities. Exciting, huh? In realizing these dreams, goals, and visions, however, it is easy to fall into the trap of feeling disappointed, discouraged, or even depressed about not meeting our stated goals. How do we deal with that?

I have a few goals on my plate that require intentional actions, discipline, and accountability. These goals are stretching me and causing me to feel a bit uncomfortable. A few weeks ago, I found myself becoming frustrated and down on myself for not meeting my goals or not following through on whatmasterpiece1 I told myself that I would do. Once I got passed my feelings and excuses (also called a tantrum, LOL!) I reminded myself of a few things to bring myself back to a place of calm. Here are a four ways motivate you the next time you find yourself having a tantrum:

1.) Breathe, it’s okay!: One thing that we must do when we begin to feel out of control is to come to a complete stop (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.) and just breathe. Take a moment to clear your mind, center yourself, and remind yourself that it’s okay. Life happens, things do not always work out the way that we want them to, and people are not as predictable as we think they are.

Either way, it is progress and you are still winning! Cel
ebrate small victories!

2.) Shades of Grey: I’m so guilty of black and white (either/or) thinking and must remind myself that some things are neither good nor bad. They are, simply, not what we anticipated. So you missed a campaign goal, you did not work out five of the seven days in a week, and you did not follow through with doing those 100 crunches in a day. Hey, you tried and learned valuable lessons and skills that you did not know before. You only hit the gym two days during the week but found a new machine or exercise that you enjoy. You did not do 100 crunches but you had fun playing with your daughter and her dolls. Either way, it is progress and you are still winning! Celebrate small victories!

3.) Revisit the plan: As I mentioned above, we are always learning new lessons! Take a moment to view or ponder your plan, goal, and/or resolution and find the barriers to meeting it. What stopped you? What could you have done differently? Is it too ambitious or realistic? It is always a good thing to reassess what you want to do and pinpoint where you are and what it will take to get there. This should help to settle your mind and help you to rewrite and/or recommit to what you started.

“. . . take some kind of action towards [your] accomplishments, no matter how small.”

4.) Accountability: Telling a trusted individual about your goals and unexpected mishaps (I do not like calling them failures!) or loss of motivation, provides you with someone that will remind you of your coming success. Being accountable to someone also 1.) reminds you that you are not alone in the journey towards greatness and 2.) gives you an outlet to vent, talk about your progress, and gain insight about what you may be missing and 3.) learn from their experiences. Find a trusted friend, mentor, etc. and enjoy the benefits!

4.) Jump: After I have my tantrum I make it a point to do something to catapult me into the right direction. For instance, I’ll intentionally get up and go to the gym, pack a lunch, read the next chapter for an assignment–anything! This, in my mind, is a way to reset and relaunch my goals. I always advise people to take some kind of action towards their accomplishments, no matter how small. Jump! Go after it! Take off running again.

One Final Word:
Life is, and will always be, full of changes. Learning to cope with these changes is essential to meeting your goals and succeeding in everything that you desire to do. Using these four ways to stay motivated will encourage you to regroup and start again!

What are some ways that you deal with the mishaps, unexpected occurrences, or falling off of the path towards your goals and visions? Comment below. I would love to chat with you! Have a great one! 🙂 

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