Exposing Fear and its Effect on Your Future Every Day

Are you ready to step into your destiny and do some BIG things? Is fear keeping you from moving forward? Once you discover what fear is and how it grips your mind and behaviors, you will have the tools to conquer it and finally be free! Let’s chat!

So here we are. Christmas is over and we are only a few days out from the beginning of a new year. In light of all that 2016 WAS for me and the people around me, I know that I have to continue on and fulfill all that I am called to do. start-moving

What about you? Are you ready to step into your destiny and do some BIG things? If you’re like me, you have journals and lists of things that you want to do. You have dreamed about it, prayed about it, talked about it, and done your research. Yet and still, something is holding you back from taking action? Is it fear? Are you afraid of what might happen? Are you afraid that you will fail, be rejected, or be alone? In 2017, I encourage you to step out and do all of the things that you have set in your heart to do. I have been saying to myself all week, “New Year, No Fear”.

In January, I will be doing a series called “Exposing Fear” and how it affects our lives. If you are challenged by fear, follow me (and tell a friend) and receive each new post via email. Or, check each week for something new. Please make comments and share your questions with me on Facebook and watch out for other daily posts about this subject as well!

What is fear?

Have you ever really paused to think about that? We hear the cliche’s of FALSE EVIDENCES APPEARING REAL. That’s real cute. But, we must go deeper because that cute little phrase does not help us shift into movement all the time nor reach the underlying factors for our lack of movement!

Fear, to me, is neither good nor bad. Fear has purpose in the right context. Fear is what you allow it to be. Fear of wrapping your car around a telephone pole will make you respect the speed limit. How many times have you gasped and grabbed the door and told your child or spouse to SLOW DOWN! Hmmm? See…. fear!

Another example of a healthy fear is the fear of falling to your death or getting hurt. Countless times I have had to tell a child to, “get down,” “stop jumping off of the couch,” or “get off of those stairs!” Have you heard yourself say that before? In saying this there is a healthy concern or fear of the child (or adult, LOL!) getting hurt or falling and bumping their heads.  When they actually fall, what do you do? Right…you jump! You breathe hard, or you try to grab them. That’s a healthy form of fear. Fear keeps us safe.

Fear has its place. However, when fear begins to effect you negatively and cause dysfunction in your life, it becomes a problem. Fear can can open doors of depression and anxiety. Fear can lead to jealousy, anger, and the need to always be in control. Fear is what you allow it to be.

God absolutely loves you and wants you to do all that you have a passion in your heart to do. You can not be bound by fear or allow it to limit your greatness!

In January, I am going to explain to you how fear is manifesting in your life and slowing you down from your destiny. Are you ready to EXPOSE FEAR?? Leave your questions below or on my FACEBOOK page and I will answer them in a post or a video!

Until…..New Year, No Fear!



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