Finding Clarity in Stillness

As I sit and reflect this afternoon I must acknowledge and be thankful of how God is ordering my life. I SEE so many things more clearly than before. I’m graciously accepting that He chose to PREPARE me for what’s ahead rather than letting me jump too soon.

Frustration with the process

I have many dreams that I’d like to fulfill in my lifetime. Over the last few seasons I became extremely frustrated and angry because my “plan” was not playing out the way that I wanted it to. There were times when I ran into dead ends, hit a detour, or got caught in traffic that was someone else’s fault.

Someone said the other day that our lives aren’t falling apart…they’re falling in place. I kinda feel like there is some truth to that. It falls into place when you surrender to the process and follow directions as you’re led.

I am reminded that there’s a time of preparation
before vision and destiny comes to pass.

I decided that I’d shut down my pursuit for more during the month of June and, instead, focus on prayer, building myself up, and releasing some old baggage. As crazy as it may sound, I didn’t decide ahead of time which areas to build upon or what baggage  to release. Rather, I allowed things to naturally, and divinely, occur. It was the best decision!

During this time of sabbatical, I listened to my own mental and verbal agreements, enjoyed additional quiet moments during the day, and purposefully released any anxiety or emotions that I noticed. This lead to clear and focused thoughts and a repentant and submitted heart.finding-clarity

A Time of Preparation

I am reminded that there’s a time of preparation before vision and destiny comes to pass. I admit that I wasn’t ready for what I saw in 2008. My life and my marriage would not have sustained my visions in 2010. These were merely a glimpse of what was to come. These visions were a “heads up” so that I could begin to pray, prepare, and collect the provisions necessary for those visions to manifest.

I compare this to driving long distance to a destination hundreds of miles away. My Onstar warns me ahead of time that a certain destination is coming up in X amount of miles. Later on, it will tell me that the exit for my destination is coming and that it will be on the left. Next, it makes a tone just seconds before I’m supposed to turn. What I find fascinating about this is, as I move forward, I’m changing lanes, watching traffic, and preparing for what OnStar is declaring is about to take place. And JUST BEFORE I get there, it only makes a tone. Did you catch that? Everything that must be said, and everything that I was told to have made preparation for should have been completed before the tone. When the tone sounded the ONLY thing that I need to do was TURN.

On this journey of my life I’m given only a view followed by directions to prepare for what is ahead. There may be no short cuts. And, I can’t jump too soon.  When I decide to get on the road again, I’ll be careful to just drive, be obedient to THE voice, and listen for the tone!

Live life to the fullest! Enjoy every moment!



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