How to Avoid Distractions

How do you deal with distractions? Thought suppression does not always work and anxiety may even increase over time. Try Bracketing! The more you keep your promise to yourself and address it at the designated time, the more your anxiety will decrease. ‪#‎Bracketing‬ ‪#‎AvoidProcrastination‬

I am a very busy person! Balancing all of my roles often leaves me bombarded with thoughts of future meetings, tasks still left undone, and appointments that need to be made. It becomes overwhelming over time and I respond in one of three waDistractedys:

1.) I begin procrastinating to avoid having to deal with it or,

2.) I stop what I am doing to begin to work on this “new” task, or 

3.) I attempt to multi-task and work on them both at the same time.

Which one sounds more like you? If this is you then you know that these options may cause even more anxiety, an increase in mistakes, or a mess in the floor when you drop all of your balls! Yikes!

So, how do I avoid distractions?

Bracketing is a technique that I learned which, over time, helped me to mute the voice of anxiety and distraction. It’s a very simple three step process that can be done fairly quickly. I’ll explain!

Step 1.  Acknowledge what is distracting you!

Yes, pause for a moment and determine what thoughts are bombarding your mind. Is it a future meeting? An appointment that needs to be made? A phone call? What is it that continuously taps you on your shoulder?

Step 2. Schedule a specific time/date to deal with it.

Pull out your calendar (planner, phone, etc.) and find a set time during the day or on anther day to make that phone call or complete that task. Be specific and set reminders for you to do so. Do not let anything else override this commitment.

Step 3. Follow through with your appointment

It has been shown that, over time, when you keep promises to yourself, your mind will be at ease and not become anxious about future tasks. It’s important that when you do #2, you are specific, realistic, and careful to set a time when you know that you can fully address whatever it is.

Bracketting is technique which helps you to pause, plan, and promise to take care of everything on the to do list of your mind. Try this for a few weeks and see if it works for you! Comment below on if it does and or doesn’t and share other techniques that you have found helpful!






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