What have you learned so far this year?

. . . And suddenly, I find myself at the end of the first half of the year, what a ride. This year began with a bang and has continued on to be one of the most prolific years of my life in more ways than one. It’s been scary at times and worth a bit of a laugh at others. Overall, I must say that this first half of the year has brought me to a calming and inspiring place– and I love it!

Here’s what I discovered or acknowledged so far this year!?.jpg

Self Care is important!

Taking care of myself is my premier priority. Without “myself” I can’t accomplish that which I am called to do. Without “myself” I won’t feel like doing anything. Without “myself” I will be frustrated, overwhelmed, distracted, depressed, and despondent. I need “me” in order to be the greatest me! Without me, I am nothing. It’s crazy, but it makes sense, huh? Take care of yourself so that you can enjoy the greatness that is you!

This year I’m just thankful to have a glass and ecstatic that there’s something in it!

Everyone has a story!

We are quick to judge the behaviors of others without thinking that perhaps there is a background story to explain it. I admit that I was once one of those who made snap judgments based off of what I saw through my own personal filter. I wrestled with it for a while but have come to the emphatic conclusion that people do not just wake up “like that”. Something happened. It happened to them, it happened to their child, it happened at work, or in their home. The bottom line is “it” happened. And for whatever reason, that “it” has overwhelmed them to the point of anger, depression, promiscuity, substance abuse, or abusing a child. That “IT” is the culprit. Underneath there is usually a cry for help, shame, and feelings of guilt and hopelessness. If we can just see past the mess and find the PERSON with the behavior that manifests from the “it”, we could find the empathy to sit with them, hear their story, and journey with them to healing.

Complainers abound!

There are many that will complain regardless of what is said or done. Some just have a thing for finding the negative point in everything. If it’s up, it’s too high up. If it’s down, it’s not quite down far enough. It will never end. I recognize that there is something within them that have to see the glass half full. This year I’m just thankful to have a glass and ecstatic that there’s something in it!

So, here I go into the next six months. I’m sure that there is much to learn as the year continues. Everyday, for me, is an adventure!


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