Celebrate You!

One thing that I have acknowledged and have become increasingly okay with is the fact that not everyone around me celebrates with me. On the outside and/or in my presence (it may not be both at times), they may smile, applaud, and give kind words. But on the inside they are not happy or could care less. Away from you they may even say something unkind to another person or secretly dislike you. But I’m okay with that!

What really matters?

What I have come to terms with is that those that feel some type of way about me don’t approvalmatter. It’s a simple as that. What does matter is that I love and respect myself. What matters is that I am diligently working towards my destiny and what I’m called to do. I’m content in the understanding that not everyone in the the stands are rooting for my success or rooting as I press my way through life’s challenges. Many are there just to watch, type up reports, and “golf clap”. And I’m okay with that!

Love you. Celebrate You! Be free!

The most freeing thing that we should learn as leaders and professionals is that the accolades and applause of others are not the ultimate goal. You do not need anyone to approve of your greatness. Just be great!

Sometimes you will have to congratulate yourself and throw your own party! There will be moments where you will need to reach back and pat yourself on the shoulder and give yourself a great big old hug and declare, “self, you’re great…you did that…you better do it!!”  Be okay with that!

Be happy with your accomplishments. Celebrate the things that you overcome. Give yourself a pep talk.

Empowering you to be great!


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