Four Times

Doctoral Student Tantrum & Resolve:
Four times! Four times I tried to sit down last night and focus on my research, my writing, this paper… 4 times!

I was interrupted by one of my tv shows, the fish in my aquarium, dishes in the sink, what color to paint my nails, a convo with Hubby…and a pot of boiling water on the stove…. I just could NOT pull it together last night. But you know what? I’ve learned to take this all in stride. This Doctorate is a marathon, not a 4 by 4 sprint. The research takes time (an eternity seemingly), finding themes and reading methodology sections take time (even longer) and trying to come up with my own questions via the gaps seems impossible at times. It is, by far, the HARDEST thing that I have attempted in my life. It takes a certain level of focus and discipline to do this–not to mention TIME! I admit that I didn’t believe it when I was warned. This is pure INSANITY–yes, trying the same thing repeatedly expecting different results! I see now why they call doctoral level students “SCHOLARS”! I don’t take it lightly..this is an eaFISH.jpgrned term… I believe it now!

But… I’ze-a keep pressin’ on!

It’s in these times that I look back and remember– I made it through a double bachelors, I made it through a 69 hour Master’s degree (2x more than most MA programs)… and by gosh… I can do this here Doctorate!!The Lord brought me up to this point and by golly He is able to keep me from “distractions” LOL!… this I recall to my mind and therefore I have hope… GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS!!! Lord help me! #PraySaints If you feel me…holla!! 🙂

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