OMW: Live Life in Balance

Just outside of my window. . .

I’m watching two squirrels scurry around a tree without care, seemingly. Earlier this morning they were gathering nuts, leaves, and small twigs but now, right now, they appear to be playing a game of tag or hide and go seek, I can’t tell which. It looks like fun. All the while, another squirrel sits on a branch just above them laying on his (or her!) belly. Life Balance

I did not know that squirrels laid on their belly’s while at rest. I recall over the past few days that they have enjoyed this great past time before. It’s not random at all.

Just like these squirrels I’m reminded of the importance of play! We can’t always work and hurry around about our day week after week. We have to remember to stop and play or spend some time by ourselves watching others and doing our own thing (Just like i am doing as I look outside this window). Interacting with other squirrels — I mean people — obviously has its benefits if the good Lord has instilled this principle in his critter creation. I suppose we should follow suit!

There is definitely something to learn by watching what’s going on, outside your window.

Live life in balance.

-P. Jae

“Outside My Window . . .” is a collection of thoughts during a time of renewal. This world is so busy ‘doing’ and ‘being’ that we often fail to sit and watch what’s going just outside our own windows. Nature is alive. Each day it has a story and a lesson to share. We don’t hear it because we don’t sit and look–and listen. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused, go to your window and pull up a chair. You will find the peace that you need and realize that the answers often are just outside of your window. -P. Jae


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