Outside My Window. . .

Just outside my window. . .

I watched the season change from a cold dark winter to a warm and bright spring day. I noticed how the trees, who were once dry and barren, began to release buds of white, pink, and yellow. An array of pastel colors rose up bringing life to the neighborhood, welcoming the sunshine, welcoming the spring rain, welcoming the warm breeze. . . that blew . . .outside my window.

One thing that is constant in this world is the changing of the season. Winter turns to spring and reminds me of how life can sometimes beOMY harsh and cold. Snow makes the way slippery and unpredictable. Cold wind chills the bones and causes us to shiver, longing for warmth and comfort. Things look dead and barren. Incomplete. Destitute. Left for naught.

But then. . .

Spring arrives and the atmosphere changes. Slowly at first, but then begins to build momentum as the days progress. New life begins. Birds, insects, leaves, flowers. . everything returns and paints over the portrait that was once dark and mysterious. Blues, gray’s, whites….now green, red, pink, purple, orange…

Outside my window. . .

Seasons change. Life………changes. Hang in there!

“Outside My Window . . .” is a collection of thoughts during a time of renewal. This world is so busy ‘doing’ and ‘being’ that we often fail to sit and watch what’s going just outside our own windows. Nature is alive. Each day it has a story and a lesson to share. We don’t hear it because we don’t sit and look–and listen. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused, go to your window and pull up a chair. You will find the peace that you need and realize that the answers often are just outside of your window. -P. Jae


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