Living a Balanced Life

When your life is out of balance, self-care is one area that is often neglected. Why?

          You have so many things pulling on you (family, finances, school, unmet needs, etc.) that you may not have the energy to get up and do for yourself. One entity dictates another. For example, strained finances will dictate what you eat daily. Poor eating habits cause health problems and mood changes. Strained relationships may lead to depression which decreases motivation to do things that you enjoy, follow -up on your goals, or make connections with others. Soon, you realize that things have spiraled out of control and that causes increased anxiety. Eventually, you will find yourself screaming on the inside and overwhelmed.

Does this sound like you? What should you do? Below are some tips help
you work your way towards a balanced life.

  • Sit down and take inventory of what is important to you. What things do you value? What things can be removed from your life? What things are beneficial and healthy.StressBalance
  • Inspect at your time/schedule. What is consuming your time during the day? Does social media, television, or other “entertainment” burn time that you could be using for something more important? Rearrange and/or modify your schedule and activities to decrease the stress and strain!
  • Don’t stress it! Some things in your life are absolutely necessary while others you have no control over. Things like school assignments, loved ones that are ill, and unforseen accidents can and will happen–at any moment. Take a breath! If these things are our of your control, be mindful that it is a passing moment in time. Use things such as prayer, journaling, and talking to someone to help you process your emotions.
  • Find some “ME” time in your schedule. It could be a 15 minute nap/meditation, a 30 minute walk, a 45 minute cup of tea and a good book—whatever it may be! Downtime will allow your mind to reset, rest, and prepare for whatever is next on your agenda.

This month, as we enter the holiday season- which is known for increasing anxiety- take intentional precautionary steps to:  remain balanced with your time and do something wonderful for yourself; plan ahead as much as possible; prioritize your to do list and take note of what “needs” to be done versus what you would like to do, and practice being calm.

You can do it. Happy NOVEMBER!


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