Transformed by Love: Pt. 3


There is nothing wrong with talking to yourself. It’s the conversations that one has with themselves that are key! What are you telling yourself on a daily basis? 

Previously, I had been thinking and speaking a lot about being transformed by love. If you have not read those posts take a look at Part 1 and Part 2 to catch up. In the last post I shared a dream about my talking to myself as I sat in a cage locked from the inside. While inside, I continuously told myself that I could not get out and spent numerous hours asking questions like:

What would happen if I left?caged
Who would care if I left?
Why am I in here in the first place?
Why hasn’t someone come searching for me?
Why don’t they love me?
What did I do to make them leave me in here?
Why am I such a bad person?

Apparently, questions of “why” and “who” kept me stagnant and brought on feelings of depression and shame. Continuing to ask these types of questions led me down a path of feeling worthless and unloved.

What are you telling yourself on a daily basis? Have you ever paused to recognize your emotions and behaviors after having these conversations with yourself? What we tell ourselves about ourselves is directly related to how we feel and, most often than not, how we behave. Take time to take inventory of your own self talk and see what you find out.

Try this:

Write down three things that you catch yourself saying to yourself during a three day period.
Find themes or repetitious declarations.
Determine what emotions manifest because these statements.
Check to see if certain behaviors or habits are a result of these statements.
Decide how you can consciously and intentionally change those statements each time they arise for the remainder of the week.
Do you notice any change?

Keep going through this process for the next thirty days and watch your thinking and the way that you feel about yourself transform! Let me know what you find out!


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