Goal Setting: Assess the Old & Set the New

Have you thought about what’s NEXT in your life?

In the south, October is a time of seasonal change. The days become shorter and the temperature decreases from the upper 90s to the Mid-80s and 70’s. Of course October welcomes Autumn and usherss the changing of the leaves from bright green to beautiful orange, yellow, and red. As the time fall’s back mid-month I’m reminded to take a step back and re-assess my plan and/or check my progress. Have you done this yet? It’s a good practice to follow. Here are some of the questions that I ask myself.

What has been accomplished?:  Rejoice! Congratulating myself on what I have accomplished already increases my motivation to continue and brings joy and a sense of efficacy (which basically means, “I know that I can do it!”) LOL!
What is still left to accomplish?: This should not dampen one’s spirit. Instead, it should clear the way to discoveries such as barriers (lack of time, resources, etc.) and the necessity of that accomplishment. Take steps to uncover, assess, and make plans to handle the barriers. Or, decide if this is something that needs to be accomplished or if it’s the right season. There are many ways to look at the items left on your “to do” list.
What are some things that I would like to accomplish next?: Now is a great time to begin thinking about the “NEXT” whether that be next month, next quarter,  next five years, or simply the next “season” which is self-defined. Take a moment to jot those down and create some goals and contact names/numbers if necessary.  This should be ongoing until you are ready to declare that this NEXT is the next path on the road to —–whatever it is.

Enjoy October. But, more importantly, take time to plot your course for the “NEXT”.


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