Transformed by Love

The Transformative Learning Theory states that the process of perspective transformation (or one’s change of perspective) has three dimensions: psychological, where one’s understanding of the ‘self’ changes; convictional, where one’s belief system changes; and behavioral, where one’s lifestyle actually changes.

This new season that I have entered is one of the most transformative times of my life in that I have paused — actually, stopped– to reflect on my assumptions and basic beliefs. As I go through this necessary, yet painful, process, I have begun to reframe my experiences and find new meaning in them. As each perspective transforms, walls that I had erected for self-preservation have begun to crumble. When a wall or structure has a crack or hole, two things become apparent. First, the structure becomes weaker and, without reinforcement, will continue to breakdown.  Secondly, what is on the other side is increasingly able to penetrate it and interact with whatever it touches.  This is my current predicament!

In seasons past, some external “wrecking balls” continued to challenge my current beliefs and assumptions as it relates to my past and its foundation, my present life and its meaning, as well as my future and its potential. After continuous hits my fortified walls have cracked and weakened and something very strange happened. I, too, began to challenge ME! Not only that but what was on the other side of the wall began to shine through. This thing that pierced through the cracks in my wall has been identified as LOVE. Yes, Love!

Perfect love drives out fear! 1 John 4:13a

Paradoxically, what I desperately wanted (acceptance, connection, relationship) and needed (love, nurture) in my life from others was being blocked by the walls that I erected to protect me from those that caused, or had the potential to cause, harm and pain. In being submissive to the process of changing my perspective and allowing my thoughts to be reframed and my mind transformed, the void is now being filled and the Love felt and welcomed.

What, in your life, have you allowed to block that which you so desperately want? Name walls that need to be torn down in your life to bring you to a place of healing! I submit to you that it all begins with changing your perspective.

Stay tuned for Part 2

“…be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” Romans 12:2a


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