I’m embarking on a new journey, a new season…Ah! Newness!

This past season (the last two years) was so eventful and BUSY that I slacked on my blog postings. {Raises my left hand} I promise to do better from now on! LOL!

Beginning something new always brings some level of anxiety as much uncertainty and expectations bombard our minds. However, I’m meeting this new season head on! With my hands lifted and my eyes on the prize I welcome it! It is a walk of faith, yes, but one that I know will bring a lot of joy and healing to everyone that crosses my path.

What areas of newness are you walking into this season? Are you prepared? What do you need to do to get prepared…or at least begin turning the wheel? It is never too late to get started, start over, or dismiss what is not working. Now is the time!

Always on my #Grind,


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