Out of sheer boredom!

20150108_084028After my last class ended in mid-October I found myself BORED. The withdrawal symptoms were too much to bare after being in hyper-mode for a little over three years. The first few days were a relief but by the second week I found myself shaking– feening for something to do, read, write, research, create, and/or discuss. Although I’ve finished all of my classes for my Master’s degree (plus a few extras), I decided to take something this spring. What!? Yes, I did it.

Today I will begin a more advanced course and study these little tykes (up to age 9) more in depth. Those little jokers are fascinating humans in my opinion. They are not just little humans/adults and how we treat them determine how and what they become as adolescents and adults.

I am not sure if I’m just a glutton for punishment, way too curious, a super-nerd like my pastor (Ha!), or being pressed to prepare myself for something greater. Maybe it’s a combination of both! Who knows…but for now… THIS IS WHERE MY NOSE WILL BE UNTIL MARCH! —Ummm, in addition to studying for my CPCE and other national exams.

Let the madness begin! There’s an essay to write by Wednesday and an exam this weekend!! let’s go!



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