30 Day Challenge: Be Careful Little Ears

I am a PK (yes…. I appreciate your sympathy) and so I spent many hours in church from Sunday School to missions meetings, choir rehearsals, prayer meetings and anything that went on within the church walls. I have fond memories of a song that  spooked me saying, “oh be careful little eyes what you see…for the Father up above is looking down with love…” I felt some type of way of some mean dad looking down on my actions ready to swat my butt at any given moment. (yes…issues, lol). Now that I’m an adult I understand the song lyrics and the warnings.

Last night my daughter and I were watching one of my fav’s, Hell’s Kitchen. It’s amazing to me how Bro. Ramsey puts prime choice words together in a sentence well enough to make one’s ears burn. It’s so common that you can anticipate what he is about to yell across the kitchen. During one particular scene I found myself quoting what Bro. Ramsey was saying as he said it. My daughter says, “Ooo mama, you aren’t supposed to be even thinking those words, you’re doing the challenge!”  As funny as it was, it made me think. We hear those words on regular prime time television, on the radio, and just in our daily interactions with people. It’s no wonder those words are at the forefront of our minds. Because of the various cultures that I interact with I can flow with British, Ausie, Latino, and African slang and never miss a beat. GASP! This is yet another area that has contributed to my mental arsenal of choice words. I think it because I hear it.

So, as the challenge continues, I’m made aware of how my little ears (ear gate) are a major factor in what comes across my mind. Now, will that make me stop watching the show? Probably not! (I’m not at that stage of change yet, LOL!) But, because I’m aware of this one thing, I can begin to make some changes in my cognition and be more serious about what I listen to.

I know that little peanut head is going to snitch on me to “Elder D!” Therefore, let this stand as my rebuttle and acknowledgment. LOL!!


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