PJae the Intern: Emotions

Life is much more interesting in the counseling room than it is in a classroom. Perfect strangers engage in intimate conversations where counselees reveal their deepest secrets and sob loud, wet tears behind closed doors. Counseling people every single day takes a toll on ones emotions. At times it is awkward to be present in, what is often, their lowest moments. I feel like a spy sometimes intruding on a conversation which no other person will ever hear. Taking on the baggage of others drained me initially. Once, I felt guilty after getting on the elevator and declaring that I was leaving the whispers in that office and that what was shared was not my problem. I’m finding this action to be comforting now and less of an emotional guilt trip.

I see Counseling others as a gift. It’s an opportunity to become that safe person providing the safe place for people to sort through their challenges without judgement or ridicule. The neat part about it is the fact that I can meet them where they are and become and instrument of Grace to walk with them to where they desire to be.

This is only the beginning of a long journey


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