30-Day Challenge: Talking to Myself!

I’m on Day 9 of this 30-Day Challenge. The Challenge is actually a “no cursing” challenge but I have chosen to take it step further to be mindful of my thoughts. Our thoughts have a way of showing up in our behavior. When we  think grungy thoughts, our attitude changes and we become hostile, short-tempered, and withdrawn. I’m hard-pressed today to pay attention to, what we call in the counseling world, negative self-talk. Negative self-talk creates its own reality and is often exaggerated, focused on every negative aspect, or completely incorrect. If we are not careful, we will make it a habit and become our own worst critic. Seemingly innocent self-talk such as, “this is killing me” or “I just can’t take this anymore”, can take root in our subconscious mind until we begin to believe that something is too overwhelming to handle. Ultimately, the “thoughts” will cause us to give up, procrastinate, or become angry with others for our shortcomings.

As I continue with this challenge I am determined to speak positively over my life. I will not call myself names (i.e. crazy, slow, lazy) just for fun (or just to be saying something) or in times of frustration. I must be my biggest cheerleader! My mind is powerful and I how/what I think of myself is who I will become!




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