Tuning In

The past few days the phrase, “tune into me” has been resonating in my Spirit. Being the inquisitive child that I am, I immediately looked up the word “tune” because I knew that tuning in is much deeper than mere listening. Tuning in required a concentration and testing unlike listening. Tuning into would take time and persistent in order to determine if what one hears is the sound one needed to hear. Being asked to tune in means that I need to pause whatever I’m doing and prepare the atmosphere so that I can hear without distraction. I dare to take it a step further and say whatever I am tuning in to is important and should not be missed. So, in this season, I am focusing on that still small voice and turning down the volume of my surroundings.

What I find intriguing about this request is that I’m a Seer. So, to be asked to LISTEN is a strange and awkward place for me. Moving from hearing through images to understanding sound is challenging. We will see what happens. Life for me is always a new and exciting adventure!


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