Revelations: Hold on to Your Vision

Revelation #2: Hold on to Your Vision!
If you missed the  Revelation #1, read it here.


In the game of football, it is every players Vision to make it to the Super Bowl. As they play each game, they reassess, change coaches and players, and practice, practice, practice. While watching the game I took note of how tightly the players hold on to and protect the football (dream). Sometimes they wrap their bodies around it as they take the hit. At other times, they toss it to someone else who has an open view of the goal line, or run out of bounds to stop the clock.

I am always intrigued at how all of the players scramble when there is a fumble. Everyone hits the ground grasping, reaching, and pushing others to the side…all in an attempt to get their hands on the football so the opposing team won’t take control of the game. That encouraged me as I move forward toward my goals.

Here are some of the revelations that I received from this aspect of the game:

1.) Protect your vision/goals. It is your vision, your dream, your passion in life. Hold on to it for dear life. If you fumble it, you better do everything that you can to get on top of it and hold it. Your opposition may push, kick, drag, or even fall on top of you to pry it out of your hands. HOLD ON TO IT!

2.) God has ordained others to help you achieve your Vision! Like football, everyone isn’t in the game to help you make it to the Big Dance. Yet, there are some that have been equipped to come along side you to grab the ball, or catch the ball–and RUN with it. Know the difference between your teammates and your opposition (which will be another post, lol)!

Keep your eye on your vision, hold on tight to what has been handed to you with everything you have. Carrying that dream across that goal line will get you to the destiny that you so desire!

I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.
Revelations 3:11 (NIV)

photo credit: MrPessimist via photopin cc


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