Series: “Batter’s Up!” (Part 2)


We hit foul balls in life for various reasons. One of the reasons is because our timing is off. In my initial post Series: Batter’s Up (Part 1) (please read this first to get the backdrop) I introduced the timing issue of “Swinging too early.” Now, let’s explore the next part: Swinging Too Late!

Timing: Swinging too late!
Ah! Too late! How often have we heard that? I have a habit of dealing with things much later than necessary. Often out of fear, or my introverted personality, I will hold things in for months before I say anything about it. Then, when “life” happens, it becomes too much to bare and I explode or react in the wrong manner. In keeping with the baseball analogy, sometimes we see the ball (situation) coming and choose to wait it out, overthink it, or ignore it…but then decide to take a crack at it in the last moments. Again, just as in swinging too early, swinging too late will send the ball flying out of control or even backwards–which definitely is not the direction that you want to deal with situations.

Going backwards deals with having to look in the past and handle what has already happened. It involves hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and pondering the motives of others. It involves unforgiveness, regret, and bitterness. Having to work on things that happened in the past requires a great deal of time to unravel the story and remember what took place. It is just not worth it. Be proactive. Be prepared and ready to handle situations as they happen. Pray and be discerning about the ball that is headed your way and any potential balls that will cross your path in the future. Make the connection and you will see every situation through. You may get a base hit or you may hit a homerun and score–never having to deal with that situation again.

Take Away
With foul balls everything is left up to chance: someone else gets smacked with the ball, someone catches it and you’re out, or you have to face the pitch again! Be proactive in life. Respond, never react. Swinging too late may bring on greater difficulties and takes up more time to settle. Calculate the speed and spin of the ball and make the connection!

Renew Your Mind
All of you must keep awake (give strict attention, be cautious and active) and watch and pray, that you may not come into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. (Matthew 26:4 AMP)

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