Writer’s Tips: Out of my mind!

While sitting in my local Starbucks sipping the most amazing Salted Caramel Mocha (LOL!), I began to scratch (or, write, as some call it) some ideas that had come to mind on a piece of paper. Freely pulling everything out of my head without hesitation, I ended up with very long bulleted columns of ideas.small__3094329703 While some were a bit outlandish, others were practical and within the context of where I am in this season of my life. In the midst of the inkblots, several of the ideas jumped out at me and turned colors (no, really, they did!).

Doing this every so often serves to two purposes:

1. ) It helps me to keep the creative juices flowing. As I write things down I come up with great ideas to use later.  I am always ready with new ideas to present–whether it be personal “to-do’s”, presentations for my job, or things that I’m led to merely pray about.

2.) It gets the miscellaneous information out of my mind. I have a fantastic memory that some would say is out of this world. However, I find myself in a stressful place, about every 3-4 months, where the information begins to swirl and become too large to keep in my long-term memory. Hence, I write it down. You would be surprised at what sort of small-biz ideas, poems, plays, blogs, songs, or conversations can come together over the course of a few weeks. All of my crazy/thought provoking thoughts have essentially turned into a very nice book!

What do you do with the information in your head? The human mind is an amazing thing! But, do yourself a favor and start filling up your journals and ipad apps with information. You never know what treasures you will find!

photo credit: pierofix via photopin cc


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