A Matter of Perspective: Change Seats

I was having a really crappy day a few weeks ago and decided to take myself out to lunch. I purchased my food and found a quiet and secluded little table


near the rear of the restaurant facing a window. I had decided in my mind that I was going to turn off my cell phone, ipad, ipod, mac… (LOL!–don’t judge me) and simply stare out of the window at whatever was in front of me.
I was convinced that Holy Spirit would show me something of interest to lighten my mood and minister to what ailed me.

The first few minutes at the table was divine. Clouds. Passers-by. Birds playing in water-puddles by the curb…peace! 

After the first mouthful of food and a few releasing breaths this enormous 18-wheeler pulled in front of the window and completely obstructed my immaculate panoramic view. At first I thought that he was just there to drop something off and go but NO! He left his truck there and ventured into the restaurant to eat as well. The nerve! Yes, I immediately became upset as my peace was now disturbed and I was left looking at the address and logo of a truck in great need of soap and water and mismatched mud flaps!

I sat there in my chagrin and stared at the empty seat and table space in front of me and actually shed a tear. There was another table to the left of me overlooking another area of the landscape but I had no more emotional strength to move. I thought yelled, “God, I just want some peace. I want blue skies, a warm wind in  my face, and a moment of bliss to ease my mind!” And you know what? I believe God yelled back, “I’ve given you all of that!!” The empty chair and I began to deliberate and I soon discovered that I had all of the peace that I needed. Plus, outside, the sky was blue and the wind was on the clock providing my warm breeze. The issue was that I had allowed all of “life” to surround me and block the warm sun and my panoramic views of bliss. In my life, just as in this scenario, I had stubbornly remained steadfast, facing what was blocking me instead of taking action and moving to another spot. I was the cause of my own chagrin!

As I left I took away this thought and scripture:
If you don’t like your view (life status, relationships, job, etc.)–CHANGE SEATS! Everything is about perspective. If you take on the attitude of complaining and being worried about your situation, then you will feel, as I did, stressed out and in need of a moment to be released from the crap. If, instead, you changed your perspective with an attitude of “change” and take the necessary action to change it, you will find that great table with the great view!

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

photo credit: ~jjjohn~ via photopin cc


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