Rest in Him

“My soul finds rest in God alone…” Psalms 62:1a


It is inevitable! What, you ask? Well, several things: change, trouble, circumstance. It is going to happen. I am quite sure that there are moments in your life when the whirlwind of mahem comes through and sweeps you off of your feet. And when it happens it is very easy to find yourself in a slump of doubt, unbelief, anxiety, and utterly speechless. What do you do when that happens?

After all of the crying, anger– and whatever else you do when you feel backed up against the wall (LOL!)– it is important to remember to fall on your knees and cry out to your heavenly Father.  David, the awesome writer of the familiar Psalm 23, writes another best selling psalm that needs to be in your rolodex: Psalms 62. I have had to use this Psalm to remind myself of who GOD is and his role in my life. In his promises, I have found the rest and peace needed to put everything back into perspective.

In this passage there are several things that we need to remember in times of calamity.
David starts off reminding himself that his rest (or silence) is in God alone. GOD ALONE! He recognizes that God is his rock and and his fortress and that nothing is able to shake him. As you keep your mind on the promises that God has given you, you will be able to wait patiently in peace.

Second, David reminds us that we must DEPEND ON GOD. Since he alone is God, and knows your end from the beginning, why not trust him? He knows what he is doing. Pour out your heart to Him and then trust his plan.

Finally, David declares that there are two things that he is confident about. 1.) God is loving and 2.) God is strong. Just like an earthly father, He loves his children and always seeks the best and the greater good for his child. He comforts, He protects, He provides, and He corrects. He will not leave you on your own. Equally, He is strong, mighty, great, awesome….nothing gets passed Him and He is able!

So, the next time you find yourself in a bind, and you will, keep these thoughts in mind and simply rest in who God is. As my pastor says, since God is up working on it, you can go to sleep!

Prayer of Transformation:
Father thank you for loving me and being strong enough to carry me through every circumstance that I will face in my life. You are God alone. Help me to rest in your promises and in who you are in my life. Today I acknowledge that I am completely dependent upon you. I replace my fears with faith. In Jesus name.


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