What’s Your Story?

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It has been said that when storms arise, eagles fly into the storm, allowing the wind to lift them above it. While there, they rest and decide on their next move. Life sometimes comes at us in a whirlwind and, if we aren’t careful, we will find ourselves spinning out of control. I’ve been there. Broken families and relationships, divorce, low money and no money, health problems, challenges with the kids, marriage on the rocks and confusion about which way is up are all a part of my life story. It took a lot of work to put the broken pieces back together after my storm and to catch the wind in my flight towards emotional healing and the pursuit of my dreams. Now, I find myself operating in my Life Purpose.

Having gone through (Keyword: THROUGH) the turbulence of many storms that seemingly lasted forever, I have gained the tools and passion for coming alongside you in your storm. I want to be that beacon of light in the midst of darkness and the wind to lift you as you ride it out. I want to be that compassionate ear to listen and give effective and relative feedback. I want to be present with you as you go through. You are not alone in the season! I offer you ME!

Allow me to share my testimony with you individually, with your sister circle, your church women’s group, or even your youth group or ministry. Through coaching, mentoring, counseling, or even by standing with you in prayer, I can help you work through your pain and life challenges, find healing in your relationships, connect you with various resources, and even help you grow in your spiritual walk with God.

You can absolutely rise above your current storm! You still have pieces of your life left to rebuild again, to be restored to greatness. Are you tired of fighting and feeling lost in your storm? Are you ready to rise? It is time to press through and take flight!

PJae Porter



I hope that you find something on Only PJae that will inspire you, call forth a change in your thinking, or simply cause you to ponder about things in your own life!

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Always pondering, always on my #Grind!  -P.Jaepjsbutterfly


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